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About Us


The creative roots of Rock Scissor Paper run deep. Sisters and life-long creative partners, Susie & Heidi Bauer, named their future company at ages 9 and 7. When tasked by their parents to create an invitation for the family's 4th of July party, they branded the back of the card as a Rock Scissor Paper creation. Entrepreneurship was not something foreign to these sisters. Their father owned a knit fabric mill in Downtown Los Angeles, supporting his family on the design and manufacturing of polyester double knit, 80's knit stripes and later the very first performance fabrics. As children, Saturdays and summers were spent in the office of the family business "helping" but also absorbing what it meant to own a business.

Raised in sunny Southern California by their immigrant parents, Nicky & Jack, their parents can be credited with a childhood filled with adventure, creativity and laughter, no matter how hard times could get - an approach to life and work that they continue to embrace. For more than two decades, RSP has created products imbued with their signature sense of color and optimism that stay true to their joyful outlook in life.

Before officially starting Rock Scissor Paper in 1993, Susie worked in retail for 10 years managing stores for legendary brand ESPRIT and Heidi worked for the estate of Roy Orbison archiving his career. With the Northridge Earthquake in 1994 as a figural and physical sign of change, they decided to take the plunge and make Rock Scissor Paper a full time endeavor.

In the mid 90s it was not easy to start a business with no experience. The Internet did not exist in the way it does today. There was no sharing of information or expertise; actually quite the opposite. Other creatives were very protective of resources and information. The sisters moved forward, always figuring out their own way of doing things, a trait that to this day they credit with their longevity as well as their unique creative voice.

“We firmly believe that ice cream is the best medicine, John Philip Sousa marches sound best when whistled and that good things grow from happy hearts.”


11851 Glencrest Drive
San Fernando, CA 91340
Toll Free (844) 361-0717

If you want to call and speak to someone in person, our offices are open M-F 10-5 PST.